Welcome to Waysecure Consulting

  • Advanced Persistent Threat Penetration Testing - Sometimes, an advanced test of your organization's ability to detect and defend an attack is in order. This type of test has been used by the military for decades and is commonly referred to as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Pen Test. Our team performs a series of simulated attacks against systems and networks on a project basis. This type of attack is not to be confused with running a security scanning tool. Our experts simulate an actual advanced attack while minimizing any disruption to your business. At the conclusion of the test, you will be provided with a management presentation as well as detailed keystroke logs of every technique used.
  • Security Incident Response - You've experienced a security breach. What do you do? Our security incident response team is trained in computer forensics and rules of evidence for computer crime. Above all, our fully insured and bonded experts assure discretion when handling these types of events.
  • Risk Assessment - Understanding your risk is key to developing a protection strategy that provides the right amount of security balanced with your organization's goals. We help identify the Information Security risks and vulnerabilities you are facing, provide effective risk mitigation strategies, corrective actions, and risk acceptance processes.
  • Secure Network Design - One of the areas of concern for virtually every modern business is that of network security. Designing networks with security in mind is one of our specialties. We assist our client in designing secure networks using components including Firewalls, Two and Three Factor Authentication, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Link Encryption, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN's).
  • Electronic Commerce & Cryptography - The tempo of commerce has increased and expanded to include open networks such as the Internet. Keeping up with the pace of electronic commerce is considered essential to the growth of today's businesses. The downside is that electronic commerce presents many risks and can be difficult to implement without the right expertise on the team. We have that expertise and use it to assist our clients in designing cryptographic services (Public Key Infrastructure - PKI, Secure Electronic Transaction - SET, Block Chain, etc.) to enable new revenue streams in this growing area of business.
  • Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E) - As in any war scenario, discovering your weaknesses before an enemy does is a valuable defense. We model client technology and test for security vulnerabilities present in your specific configuration. This service provides our clients with advance information before it is implemented in production. Using our facility eliminates costly trial and error at your organization.
  • Information Security Architecture & Policy - The most efficient method of dealing with Information Security in any organization is through prevention (see our position paper). We assist our clients in developing an Information Security Architecture Model that guide the implementation of security for business systems and technical environments. We can help you create a comprehensive set of policies, standards, procedures, and configuration guidelines that reach down into your specific technology. We are also certified BS7799/ISO17799 Lead Auditors & Implementors.
  • Network Security Scanning Service - We perform periodic remote scanning of subscribing clients' networks and provide alerts when a potential vulnerability is discovered. Our network security specialists have the expertise to interpret the significance the results and go the extra mile by thinking through your network topology.
  • Training - It has been said that the weakest link in the security of any organization is the human factor. Even with the proliferation of highly secure technology this continues to be the case. We examine your organizational structure, assess the general security awareness, and take into account your unique cultural and political environment. Based on this information we provide recommendations for change and customized training for your entire organization, from senior management to technical staff to end users.